The Online Community App for Academic Institutions

UCROO connects everyone within your academic institution to improve communication, increase collaboration and create a thriving support community.

  • Ask fellow students
    questions, polls and more
  • See upcoming events
    at your academic institution
  • See who's in your class
    and discuss coursework with them
  • Join clubs & societies
    and buy tickets to their events
  • Find a mentor
    to help with coursework & student life
  • Find students like you
    based on course, interests and more
  • Share timetables
    to see who's free between classes
  • Create study groups
    to work on assignments
  • Buy/sell textbooks
    & more in the student marketplace
  • Follow student services
    for helpful updates and resources
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UCROO allows students to share ideas and collaborate on coursework

Simple, refined and dynamic discussion tools enable academics to transform their classrooms into an online community of learners.

  • Class Community

    Student interaction is critical for academic success. Dynamic online discussions between students improve learning outcomes. UCROO is designed to encourage participation and collaboration.

  • Increase Teaching Efficiency

    Reduce repetitive communication with students over email. Content is organized so finding answers is easy for students. Endorse student answers to provide feedback and save time.

  • Improved Learning Outcomes

    Common comprehension gaps can be easily identified and resolved. Learning outcomes can be tied to topic tags so collaboration is structured. Use analytics dashboard to easily detect and monitor at-risk students.

  • Seamless Integration

    Seamless integration with your LMS to avoid discussion fragmentation. Integrating UCROO with your LMS is as simple as copying and pasting a URL. Contact UCROO via for further information.

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Student Services Staff

Student Services can create Service Pages to increase awareness, improve access and support students more easily

  • Students following Service Pages are notified when staff post resources, announcements and events
  • Drop-in times and events are highlighted to students at the times they occur
  • Support queries can be posted directly to Service Pages - especially useful for online students and local students with full timetables
  • Students receive posts and access resources posted on Support Pages anytime, anywhere with UCROO's mobile applications
Orientation & Transition Staff

UCROO helps orientation staff build a greater sense of community and support throughout each student's transition into the institution

  • Start facilitating friendships between enrolment & orientation (high attrition zone)
  • Connect international students still overseas, regional students yet to arrive on campus & remote students with local peers
  • Create events for first year activities and see who has joined them
  • Pin important posts for greater attention & post videos/photos from events
  • Create polls to check-in with students and automatically monitor important first year topics
  • Target posts to first-years based on campus, faculty, international / domestic & study mode
Communications Staff

Communications Staff can use UCROO to better connect students with important information, announcements and events

  • Target posts to students based on campus, faculty, mode of study, international/domestic and year level
  • Pin important announcements and resources to the top of large student groups for greater attention
  • Post polls to check-in and gather feedback from the student body
  • Easily post videos, links, articles and photos with communications
  • Create and highlight events and see who has joined them
  • Emails are often left unopened - comms on UCROO appear in full in students' Recent Activity
  • Comms on UCROO can be posted as push notifications to native mobile applications
  • More students see communications made on UCROO compared to Facebook Pages
Club Video
Clubs & Societies Pages on UCROO

Clubs & Societies are a great way for students to get involved in university life.

Unfortunately however, the growing popularity of online course delivery is causing students to lose touch with their campus.

We want to help Clubs & Societies bring life back to campus - that's why we developed Club Pages.

Club Pages allow students to easily join your club online and buy tickets to your events, while providing tools to reduce administration time and improve communication with members.

Create a Club Page for your Union, Club or Society now
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Video of students and university staff talking about their experience with UCROO
Better connect with your students

Fundamental shifts in education are affecting the academic institutions ability to provide a quality student experience and retain students.

UCROO is helping education providers adapt by providing social technology tailored specifically to better connect, support and engage students from enrolment to alumni.

    • Intuitively bring together your entire community in one place
    • Bridge across faculties, campuses, modes of study and year levels
    • Connect students with peers, classmates, mentors, instructors, clubs and student services
    • When students help each other learn, the entire class performs better
    • Collaborative tools, study groups & classmate profiles make learning social
    • Instructors can join the discussion to improve teaching performance
    • Answers to student queries are crowd-sourced from across the organisation
    • Monitor keywords so common student queries are addressed quickly
    • Students can follow student services to receive helpful updates and resources
    • Students see the latest activity relevant to them
    • Individual profiles show students' subjects, aspirations, interests & more
    • Profiles provide personality so students feel like a name, not a number
    • Encourage students to stay on campus
    • Timetable sharing shows when friends & study partners are free
    • Staff consultation times & events are highlighted each day
    • UCROO offers new insights into student connection, engagement and support
    • Compare analytics across faculties, campuses, modes of study and year levels
    • Export analytics to complement existing experience & retention data
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Social Yet Secure - Built for Academic Institutions

Build community, boost support and drive student engagement by connecting your academic institution with its very own private, secure and controlled social network.

Easily brand, maintain, administrate and integrate UCROO to complement the rest of your IT systems.

    • A verified email address is required to access the network
    • Users control their profile information from their privacy settings
    • UCROO complies with the latest privacy legislation in your region
    • For more information see UCROO Privacy Policy
    • Brand your UCROO network with your logo and colours
    • Add or remove network features to suit your needs
    • Advanced moderation features keep control high & administrator work low
    • UCROO protects data by implementing rigorous security policies
    • Sensitive links are secured via SSL & directed through HTTPS connections
    • Network data is backed up multiple times a day & protected by encryption
    • Start small with a single Faculty or roll out across the entire institution
    • UCROO Support Team works with you to ensure a successful launch
    • Product updates pushed live - avoids upgrades & ensures max uptime (99.9%)
    • Socialise existing systems by integrating UCROO with existing technologies
    • Integrate UCROO with LMSs, SISs, Portals & Google Apps
    • Latest open standards supported - LTI, CAS, SAML & Shibboleth
    • UCROO Support Team works with you to implement system integrations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about UCROO below. If you can't find an answer to your question, contact us at and we'll be happy to help.

  • UCROO is a private, secure and controlled social network designed for education providers and their students.

    For students, UCROO is a technology that meets contemporary expectations and better connects them with peers, classmates, mentors, instructors, clubs & societies and student services from enrolment to graduation.

    For academic institutions, UCROO is an innovative tool for improving student experience and retention, which offers enterprise level privacy, security, control and analytics not available in other social networks.

  • You can request a demonstration of UCROO from the Request a Demo tab at the top of the page.

  • Very little information is required to set up your UCROO network.

    Lists of the following are required:

    • Subjects / Units
    • Degrees / Courses
    • Campuses

    Lists of the following may be required (depending on type of network setup):

    • Names
    • Email Addresses
    • Gender

    Should you wish to brand your UCROO network, we will require your logo and colours.

    Once this information is provided, your UCROO network can be set up within a few days.

  • No.

    When a student is no longer enrolled at an institution due to attrition or graduation, that user is considered inactive and is no longer counted towards the UCROO subscription fee.

    Likewise, when a staff member no longer works at the institution, that user's account is considered inactive and is no longer counted towards the UCROO subscription.

  • We restrict access in a number of ways, generally based on the type of education provider.

    For University networks, when users create a UCROO account, they are required to verify themselves as a student or staff member of their university via the Australian Access Federation. Only those students and staff entering valid university credentials are given access to the respective university's UCROO network.

    For non-University networks (or any institution not subscribed to the AAF), we restrict access via a unique student identifier such as the email address provided by the institution.

  • UCROO is cloud hosted at the Rackspace Data Centre in Sydney, Australia.

    Rackspace is the fastest growing cloud hosting provider, servicing over 200,000 companies worldwide.

    For more information, visit Rackspace.

  • UCROO allows institutions to brand their network with its logo and colours.

    Institutions also have the option to add or remove entire features to suit their network needs.

    Furthermore, subscribers have access to an Administration Control Centre for their network.

    The Administration Control Centre includes advanced moderation features such as reported/deleted content archives, group management, key word monitoring and usage policy set-up to ensure a high-level of administrative control.

  • Generally, a user provides all user profile information during account creation.

    However, the institution may provide this information when a student opts-in to UCROO if the necessary system integrations have been implemented.

    See: 'What integrations are possible with UCROO?' for further integration information.

  • Dedicated email support is provided to students. All student support enquiries lodged are addressed within 4 business hours.

    Students can easily lodge support enquiries from their Account Menu.

  • New initiatives succeed when you choose tools that students genuinely want to use - UCROO has been built from the ground up to drive voluntary adoption and maximise engagement within your network.

    We believe in a seamless user experience and deliver a quality experience across all devices in order to cater to 21st century expectations.

    Furthermore, an experienced and dedicated UCROO Support Team Member works with the institution to determine the best means for creating awareness and engagement with UCROO based on best practice case studies.

  • UCROO's cloud infrastructure has been built to rapidly and automatically adjust to meet growing, fluctuating and unpredicted usage.

  • As a subscriber, the institution is provided with a UCROO Analytics Centre for its network.

    The Analytics Centre provides behavioural data on students and staff using your UCROO network; offering new insights into connection, engagement and support.

    Analytics can be compared across faculties, campuses, modes of study, user type and year levels. All analytics are exportable.

  • Fundamental shifts in education are affecting the ability for education providers to create a quality student experience and retain students.

    Whilst online delivery enables learning flexibility and reduced costs - it can also result in disconnected and disengaged students.

    UCROO helps institutions adapt by implementing social technology to better connect, support and engage students from enrolment to graduation.

  • We recommend institutions invite students to join their UCROO network from enrolment (or even earlier if possible).

  • UCROO provides a low-cost, competitively priced solution for improving student experience and retention at your institution.

    We charge a yearly subscription fee based only on the number of students and staff at your institution.

    To get a quote for your organisation:

  • UCROO has been built to work seamlessly across all modern desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

    UCROO is also accessible via native iPhone and Android applications.

    Minimum Operating System Requirements

    • Windows XP+
    • OS X Snow Leopard+

    Minimum Browser Requirements


    • Internet Explorer 9.0+
    • Firefox 3.0+
    • Opera 10.6+
    • Safari 4.0+
    • Chrome 14.0+


    • Safari 4.0+
    • Firefox 4.0+
    • Chrome 14.0+
    • Opera 11.1+

  • Users control the collection, correction, settings and/or deletion of profile information from their profile page and privacy settings.

    Students can also hide themselves from network search and other features should they wish to.

    For further privacy information please visit UCROO Privacy Policy

  • We take privacy and security very seriously and make a sustained effort to guarantee the safety of the information that we hold, through both virtual and physical security processes.

    We have extensive virtual security measures, such as not storing sensitive information in plain text, penetration testing all proprietary code and ensuring servers can only be accessed via secure and authenticated connections.

    Our employees are thoroughly trained and provided with supporting policies and procedures to safeguard against social engineering. UCROO developers are required to work with 'anonimised' user information on all pre-production servers.

    Furthermore, our servers are physically secured in locked and alarmed buildings with uninterruptable power supplies at the Rackspace Data Centre in Sydney, Australia.

    For more information, visit Rackspace.

  • This depends on the size and scope of the desired customisations - however, we are always open to hearing new ideas for a particular network.

    Keep in mind that we work closely with subscribers to continually improve the product based on their feedback.

  • UCROO has been built to minimise active administration time, while maintaining a high-level of network moderation.

    Average estimated administration time per day: 5-10 minutes

  • UCROO provides institutions with enterprise level support.

    We provide access to a dedicated UCROO Support Team Member, detailed documentation and best practice case studies to ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of your network.

    To ensure smooth on-boarding and higher staff engagement, support webinars and a dedicated UCROO Resource Centre are available to all staff.

    All staff also have access to dedicated email and telephone support during business hours.

  • Information System Integration

    Institutions can connect selected student and staff information with UCROO via the UCROO API.

    Connecting student and staff information with UCROO means:

    • Students and staff do not have to enter profile information when signing up (saves time & increases sign ups)
    • Student and staff information stays up-to-date automatically
    • User management is administered automatically

    Single Sign On Integration (Student Portal)

    UCROO supports Single Sign On integration so that students do not have to log in again to access UCROO once they have already signed into another system.

    UCROO's Single Sign On integration is generally implemented within Student Portals.

    Learning Tool Interoperability (LMS Integration)

    UCROO can be integrated with your Learning Management System via the Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) standard.

    LTI allows unit coordinators/lecturers to embed UCROO as a class discussion tool within their subject on the LMS.

    Requirement: LTI must be enabled by the institution. For more information visit:

  • As a cloud hosted Software as a Service solution, we push feature updates and improvements as they are developed, which guarantees maximum possible uptime for users (99.9%).

    Should downtime be required, we will endeavor to ensure these times occur during relatively low periods of usage and will communicate these well in advance.

  • Learning Management Systems (LMSs)

    LMSs are educational platforms primarily used for an instructor's administrative purposes like lecture slides and grading.

    UCROO is a holistic student experience and retention technology that connects students across all aspects of their education-learning, social, personal (support) and professional - from enrolment to graduation.

    UCROO is primarily designed for interactive rather administrative purposes and has been built from the ground up to support user-generated exchanges, connections and community building.


    Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are public social networks designed to connect users with people and content more efficiently.

    While UCROO also utilises social networking technology, the key differences between UCROO and Facebook/Google+/Twitter are:

    • UCROO is only accessible to students and staff at the institution
    • UCROO is designed specifically for education providers and its students
    • Students are more comfortable interacting with staff on UCROO
    • There is no advertising on UCROO
    • UCROO provides institutions with insightful behavioural data
    • Institutions control their UCROO network
    • UCROO integrates with other education technologies
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